Holger Riedel

Holger Riedel (b.1959) knew at the age of 16 that he wanted to become a TV journalist. The Vietnam War had just been brought to an end, not least because of the power of the images in the media. As a young man he wanted to change the world with the help of the "Fourth Estate". He finished his studies in art, sociology, and history with an MA, and went on to study photography at the University in Kassel. He gained film know-how and journalistic skills at the "Akademie für Publizistik", as well as through an apprenticeship at "Cinecentrum". In 1996 he founded the TV production company "Compass Film".

Holger Riedel has been the author and cameraman for approximately 110 reports, documentations, documentaries and commercial films as well as a lecturer at the SAE. On an honorary basis he has also been involved in media work with migrant youth.