For weeks at time we film in icy storms on Tierra del Fuego, in total isolation on the Russian Arctic Circle or in the Amazonian jungle. We uncover the secrets of the witch-hunts in Tanzania, we are there when illegal fishermen in Mauritania are hunted and we give the women in Yemen a chance for their voices to be heard. 

These are just a few of the many productions around the globe that we have been doing exclusively for the public law networks since 1996. Although there were what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles at the beginning, every project was successfully completed - to the total satisfaction of everyone involved. No exceptions.

One reason for this success is our very high working standard. Each film is created with a passion and care that is carried over into the very finest detail - in creative, artistic, technical and in journalistic regards: neutrality and independence, combined with painstaking research. While filming we stay low-key and reject sensationalist tactics. That we keep an eye on the budget during production goes without saying.